Tamie Cox

Tamie Cox
Basic information
CountryUnited Kingdom
Date of birth24/06/1970
Hourly rate$40.00

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Qualifications NESTA personal trainer NESTA Wellness coach Health coach via Institute for integrative nutrition
Experience worked for custom built personal training at In-shape downtown Stockton, CA. As well as my own weight loss journey. I have experience working with patients in a rehabilitation setting that allowed patients with breathing problems to exercise in a safe setting.
Biography I am a personal trainer,health and wellness coach as well as a respiratory therapist. So i have knowledge in working with people with medical issues. Health and wellness coach is a person that guides you to a healthy life style including nutrition, health, and stress management. As a personal trainer I will guide you to your weight-loss and/or fitness goals. I strive to keep learning about nutrition and fitness. I enjoy movies, the outdoors, and learning new things. I can take clients as early as 5am PST and as late as 9 pm PST.