Success Stories

Age: 49
Starting Weight: 9st 0lb
New Weight: 8st 0lb
Weight Lost: 1st 0lb

I have natural energy both from the exercise and the weight loss!

I have lost 14 pounds since mid Jan by jumping for 1-1-1/2 hours every day. I feel so much better, my aerobic capacity is incredible and I have natural energy both from the exercise and the weight loss. Even my dog runs right alongside me.
I never knew fat hurt so much. By July I am going for a total of 6 pounds gone. With the efit world I know I will make it!

Age: 27
Starting Weight: 8st 2lb
New Weight: 7st 6lb
Weight Lost: 0st 8lb

Never felt so fit!

All i need to say is after having my first child I was nervous as to how I could get my shape back. This was helpt by being able to stay at home and train with my advisor. I work out for 1 hour every other day and feel great.


12st 11lb

Age: 29
Starting Weight:
New Weight: 12st 2lb
Weight Lost: 0st 9lb

Never had so many clients!

I’m a personal trainer and was finding it hard to bring on new clients in the area. This is a different story now, I work from home in my fitness room training clients from all over the world. Perfect!

Age: 46
Starting Weight: 9st 01lb
New Weight: 8st 2lb
Weight Lost: 1st 1lb

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

WOW, I never would of said I would still be able to train this way. I have the best program now that I complete 3 days a week with eFitWorld and I’m never going to stop. The personal trainers I use are so helpful and very good at what they do. Thank you eFit.