About eFit World

There is no doubting the fact eFitWorld.com is the future of personal training, WHY? we are the only website to put personal trainers and clients together and allow them to train when best suits them via online video training FACT!.

Fitness should be fun, engaging, it should push you to your limits, and more importantly it should be about a change in lifestyle. At eFitWorld we understand the day to day demands on your normal days, and simply getting to a gym may be the last thing on your mind, our revolutionary system makes this now easier by working out with your own Personal Trainer via our live eFitWorld video client.

Whats more at eFitWorld there’s no need to pay monthly memberships or rush around to make it to a class or even just the stigma attached with going to the gym…. Simply log in via your profile and choose the workout for you. From your profile you’ll be able to log food intake, track your weight, plan a diet, speak to experts and much much more…

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Why eFitWorld?

We remove the stigma about joining a gym, the hidden exit fee’s, the times when your to busy to get to the gym. What ever the time of day you can train the eFitWorld way, when you wake up… we are there…. when you get in from work, we’re ready to push you hard… you train when you want to train!

eFitWorld deliver accredited personal trainers direct to you via LIVE Video in the surroundings that your comfortable in… and its on this reasoning that eFitWorld is the future of fitness.

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Regular to the Gym?

Do you go to the gym regularly and want to push yourself hard in your spare down time, be it at home or in the office? or just wanting some personal training on a weekend?

eFitWorld is not just for the people that may struggle with regular attendance to a normal gym, eFitWorld is dedicated to bringing you solutions in your quest for that lean look and that fabulous 6 pack.

Why not try and see for yourself, we have a huge portfolio of personal trainers covering most techniques from boxing to kettle bells, the list is endless, so why not give it a try by simply clicking here.